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Why Choose Us

Navigating property management is no small feat – it's a multifaceted challenge that demands a diverse skill set. Not only is it a drain on your time, but a misstep can directly hit your investment's profitability, occupancy rates, and even lead to unexpected fees or penalties.

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Customized Excellence with Lua Host

At Lua Host, we deeply understand the individuality of each client, complete with their specific needs. Our white-glove services have been meticulously crafted to align with your unique requirements seamlessly, whether you are a self-manager, a budget-conscious decision-maker, or even if property management isn't within your expertise at all.

Our Services

Short-Term Rental Solutions

Basic Package 
For Budget Control
Digital Package 
For Self-Manager
Custom Services
Enhance your Package

Add-on Solutions

Platinum Package 
For Hassle-free experience
Long-Term and 
Your Property, Your Way
Special Services
Complement your
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